Paralle Gripper with Capability to Use Various Tools

Many kinds of multi-fingered hand with many actuators and complex mechanisms have been developed to achieve diversity like human hand. The main focus of our research is achieving such diversity with simple mechanisms. A developed robot hand can use various planar tools which human uses in daily life. For example, scissors, nipper and pliers cetc. We introduce a new mechanism with a passive table at each fingertip and show demonstrations to confirm its feasibility to handle various tools.

Video1 (5.8Mbyte) in 2011


Fig. 1 A Novel Prallel Gripper


Fig. 2 The gripper with passive rotational stages


Fig. 3 Principle of our gripper




  1. Takahiro Akaike, Yuichi Tsumaki, Riichiro Tadakuma and Mitsuhiro Yamano, A Parallel Gripper with Capability to Use Various Tools, Proceedings of SICE Annual Conference 2012, Akita, Japan, pp. 2139-2143, 2012.

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