Space robot

A new space robot system, the gIntra-Vehicular Free-Flyer System (IVFFS)h is proposed. The IVFFS has mobility similar to that of the PSA, and can also perform manipulation. This makes it capable of carrying out both contact and non-contact tasks. As the robot is teleoperated from the ground, it will be possible to perform space activities around the clock. Furthermore, we introduce an IVFFS concept robot named gSpace Humming Birdh (SHB). SHB has a variably structured body to satisfy both safety and dexterity requirements. To perform prolonged contact-type manipulation, the robot is equipped with a locking device consisting of a suction disk attached to the tail. The suction device can attach to any flat surface. Several experiments involving a newly developed prototype model on a planar micro-gravity simulator are performed to confirm the feasibility of our concept. In the experiments, flying control and the proper procedure for wall-docking motion are introduced. Point-to-point motions, the wall-docking motion, a door-opening task and a detaching motion are performed.



VIDEO (double speed)i4MBytejin 2007


Fig. 1 Intra-Vehicular Free-Flyer


Fig. 2 Space Humming Bird


Fig. 3 Experimental Set-up



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