Haptic interface I

We proposed a new compact 6-DOF haptic interface with large workspace in 1997. It contains a newly developed five bar spatial gimbal mechanism for orientation, placed on a modified Delta parallel-link mechanism. The motion range of each axis of the five bar mechanism is over }70 degrees. Quick motions can be realized easily due to the parallelism inherent to both the modified Delta substructure and the five bar substructure.


Fig. 1 A Compact 6-DOF Haptic Interface


Fig. 2 Distribution of degrees of freedom.


Fig. 3 The first prototype model




  1. Y. Tsumaki, H. Naruse, D. N. Nenchev and M. Uchiyama, Design of a Compact 6-DOF Haptic Interface, Proceedings 1998 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Leaven, Belgium, pp. 2580-2585, 1998.

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